Ever since my family bought our first TV in Canada, I was a big fan of the Transformers series. I remember watching the show every morning, bright and early. Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots, was my favourite character. The other Autobots weren’t as cool as him. Optimus is a truck and has a trailer. In the Armada series, he combines with the trailer to become Super Optimus Prime. That’s what got me interested in transformers in the first place, the ability to change. The fact that these vehicles were transforming into a robot was cool!

Optimus Prime Optimus Prime vehicle mode

A couple years ago, I received Optimus Prime as a birthday present, which as to be the best birthday present ever! (Thanks Suriya!) I couldn’t stop playing with the toy. First, Optimus transforms from a truck to a robot. And then he combines with his trailer to become a bigger robot. Or he becomes the robot and the trailer becomes a fort for the Minicons.

Jetfire Jetfire vehicle mode

Some time later, I got Jetfire off eBay. By this time, Jetfire was rare because Hasbro only made a limited amount, so finding him was kind of hard. A lot of people were charging over 50 bucks for it, but I didn’t have that much money back then, nor do I have that much money now. But I wasn’t willing to spend 50 bucks at the time, so I kept looking. Eventually, I found an Australian seller and I bought it off him for $30. I paid for it and a week or so later, I got JetFire in the mail. And again, I couldn’t stop playing with the toy because JetFire combines with Optimus. JetFire were the legs of Super Optimus Prime.

Overload Overload vehicle mode

With Optimus and Jetfire, I’m just short 1 more piece to complete the Mega Super Optimus Prime. Overload was the last piece. As a vehicle, he’s the thing that carries Jetfire. As part of Optimus and Jetfire, he’s the gun that sits on the shoulders of Optimus.

Mega Super Optimus Prime

As you can see, that is what it looks like after all 3 transformers are pieced together. It stands over a foot high and weighs quite a bit. The gun in the right hand is the rocket from Jetfire and the gun in the left hand is Rollout, the Minicon that pulls Overload. The other 2 Minicons are Sparkplug, which comes with Optimus and Comettor, which comes with JetFire.

In the background, you can see the Warthog from Halo 2 and Optimus Prime’s trailer. Yeah, I have a lot of toys for someone my age, but eh, I don’t want to grow up…