It is about time I learn to be more spontaneous. You know, “Carpe Diem!” Just live in the moment and let loose. No more waiting for things to happen. No more planning things out. Like Nike says, “Just Do It!”

My whole life, I have been planning things out and things never work out according to plan. There’s always something that happens to mess things up. We cannot predict the future and we have no idea what it holds for us. That is why we have to live in the present. There no better time than the present and that is true. I do not make plans for next week, or next month for that matter. I make plans for today and maybe tomorrow. I do not have time to worry about what I am going to do a few days from now. The older you become, the shorter the days seems. I have noticed that, a lot. Time is one thing no one can afford to lose. It is the one thing that we all take for granted. It seems like we have an endless supply of it, but in actuality, it is limited. It fluctuates and you never know exactly how much time you have left.

Throughout history, it seemed as if science and technology are trying to invent things to help us with time. Anti-aging creams were made to help a woman look younger. But no matter how young you look, you do not quite feel it. Computers were invented in order to help us get the job done quicker. But no matter how fast you get the job done, there is always more to do, more things to do to waste valuable time.

Time is so precious that we often reflect on how we have spent it. “Do you remember the time …” is usually a common phrase amongst us all. Why is it that we reflect upon the past? What valid reason is there for reliving what happened many years ago? It is said that you do not know where you are heading unless you know where you have been. Simply put, if we are heading in to the future, we must then derive the fact that anything behind us is the past.

So where am I heading? I know that my past has been filled with joy and laughter, pain and sorrow, lost and found. But if I know all that, shouldn’t I know what is in store for me in the future? Not quite. The future is not something we are meant to know. The future is a place that we step into. It is a place that we create by living today. So don’t worry yourself too much about what is going to happen tomorrow? How about we just live for the moment and not worry at all…

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  1. Ya want to really mess with your head, read something on superstrings. I’m still trying to figure out if this is the future.

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