Gmail Is Wicked Awesome!

I guess today is Gmail’s 1 year anniversary and to celebrate it, the guys at Google decided to give everyone an addition 1gb of storage space. And they ain’t stopping there. They are planning to increase storage space to infinity! No wait, infinity + 1!

Gmail One Year

Most of you may not know what Gmail is. If you’re a computer person, you probably have a Gmail account already but if you don’t, you’re missing out. Gmail is like Hotmail only you get more space and the amount of advertising isn’t as much. The layout is plain and simple and very easy to navigate through. The design is very simple yet it’s not too simple. They’ve incorporated a bunch of cool features as well. Keyboard short cuts are pretty handy.


In order to sign up with Gmail, you’ll need an invitation because they are still in the beta stages. So if you want an invitation, you’ll have to be nice to me and I’ll think about hooking you up.

Gmail storage: Over 2100 megabytes and climbing!

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  1. whuddup don, u know that was an april fools joke right? haha, u probably do but yeah just visitin sweet page u got though

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