Columbia Student

I had to work today and like any other Monday, it was slow. Except today, I think the Columbia College students were starting to study for their exams. And whole whacks of them were on the 3rd floor. Here’s the funny thing, their school’s uniform looks just like the security uniform, with the exception of […]


Ever since my family bought our first TV in Canada, I was a big fan of the Transformers series. I remember watching the show every morning, bright and early. Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots, was my favourite character. The other Autobots weren’t as cool as him. Optimus is a truck and has a […]


I can’t believe how nice the weather was this past week! Each day was nice enough that I’ve managed to get some rollerblading time in. My legs are sore from rollerblading so much. For some reason, I don’t mind the pain. It hurts a bit but I find that rollerblading is relaxing. I’ve been rollerblading […]


It is about time I learn to be more spontaneous. You know, “Carpe Diem!” Just live in the moment and let loose. No more waiting for things to happen. No more planning things out. Like Nike says, “Just Do It!” My whole life, I have been planning things out and things never work out according […]