Another Sunday

Why do Sundays always have to be a boring day? It seems like nothing ever happens on a Sunday. Usually, I work on Sundays, but because it was Easter Sunday today, I didn’t have to. And even though I haven’t worked since yesterday, it seems as if I haven’t work for weeks! I guess I work too much. I mean, I’ve been working since I was in grade 6 so maybe all this time I got used to working.

Or maybe, it is just the fact that I don’t do much and it seems as if I haven’t done anything at all. I spent the whole day watching Chinese movies. I think I can speak the language now.

I don’t know what it is but I’m at that point in life where sitting around and doing nothing isn’t acceptable. I’m getting old and I should be doing more with life. While others are out there partying, I’m at home doing work. Running a company takes a lot of effort, especially if it’s something that you started up. If I was working for another company, it’d be different, but because it’s a company my friends and I started, there’s a lot more effort that needs to be put into it.

When the company first got started, I was running around registering this and that. We have a Business Identification Number, Retail Sales Tax number and even our own domain. Those were the easy steps. Now we have to get our own business cards made up and that’s in the process of being complete, along with the website. And then there’s the matter of getting clients. That right now it’s not bad, there’s quite the demand for web designing, but we don’t have a price plan as of yet. My business partners and I will have to discuss at our next meeting. But as of lately, I like the way things are moving. It’s a slow progress but nonetheless, it’s progress.