12hr Shifts Sucks!

This is the last time I’m agreeing to take a 12hr shift for security. Not that it was hard or anything, it’s just that, well, it sucks.. I only agreed to take it because the supervisor is sort of a sweet talker. She’s a nice lady but I hear that she’s not really as nice as she seems to be. I never had any problems with her, but I guess other guards do.

But anyways, the site that I was covering wasn’t too bad. I stayed inside most of the time. I just had to do the hourly patrols that lasted, at most, 25 minutes. And the rest of the time, I just sat there. I couldn’t do much because there just wasn’t anything to do. I tried doing some work, but all I had was a pen and blank piece of paper.

It was hard to concentrate because the place stunk. It’s a factory and I guess the smell was from the oil that was being used to lubricate the machines. It stunk in some places more than others. Some parts of the factory were colder than others. It was just a weird place to be. After a while I started getting high off the fumes, started getting dizzy a little, and tiredness just started kicking in as the day goes by.

The hourly routines that I had to do were starting to get to me. Even thought I don’t do much, it was just a long shift, it takes a lot out of you. I’m tired right now, but I haven’t typed anything in my blog for a while, so I might as well do something before going to bed. I wrote a little something at work, but I’ll type that out later. I’m surprised I managed to stay up this late. I only had like 5hrs of sleep. Worse thing, I got to be up for 9am tomorrow for work again. It’s a good think I’m not working until Thursday. I’m going to take the time I have off, to do nothing but sit around the house. I look forward to that!