$5 Bill

Well, it’s a Monday and like other Mondays, I have to work. But before going to work I usually grab something to eat because that’s what most people do when they’re hungry. And when I’m hungry and I have to work, I usually go to KFC, because that’s the closest thing to where I work. I order the Classic Combo because it’s like the cheapest thing there, less than $5.

I’ve gotten to know some of the people that work there. The cashier doesn’t seem to like her job too much, but she puts up with it. The other girl that works in the back seems to be working there everyday. Even on my days off I see her working. She’s always got a smile on her face and that’s a hard thing to do when you’re working in fast food. Everyone thinks they can treat you like trash because you work in this line of business. I remembered when I worked at BK, I hated it. The job sucked, the pay was crappy and the customers are asses! But it was my coworkers that made the job worth while. Well… the coworkers and the girls that comes to the restaurant on the bar nights.

Anyways, back to KFC. I made my order and the total came up to $4.27. I gave the cashier $10.27 and she gave me back $5 bill and a loonie, you do the math. I stuck the change in my back pocket and thought nothing of it.

When I got home, i took out my change and threw it on my desk. That’s when I noticed that there was writing on the bill. It was a web address and the address was www.whereswilly.com

I was curious to know what was on the site. At first, I thought it was a porno site or something, I mean coming… where’s willy? Hmmm sounds like it right? Please don’t tell me, I’m the only one that thinks this way.

Anyways, I get to the site and turns out, it’s a site where people write down the address on money to track it. I was like, “Hey! I was thinking of doing this.” So I signed up to see if I can track where this $5 bill came from, but turns out, there wasn’t a history for it. So I started one. The link below will take you to the site that is currently tracking some bills.

Track my $5 bill