Income Tax Return

Last night I didn’t go to bed until 4am. I’m usually up late because I’m working on something, you know, web related. And normally, I don’t get up till the middle of the afternoon. But today, I was up well before the middle of the afternoon. I was up at noon. Why was I up so early you ask? Well, the title of the blog might be a hint.

That right, I got my tax return! I did my own tax so I knew what I was going to get back, but when I ripped open the envelope and saw the amount I got back, man was I surprised. According to my calculations, I should have gotten approximately $800. But according to Revenue Canada, I made a little calculation error and they corrected it for me. With their calculations and adjustment, I got back an extra $600!! Hot diggety damn!!

How in the world did I make a $600 margin of error when I completed my return? That’s a lot of money. Not that I’ll see any of it since I have so much bills and a number of unpaid personal loans that someone refused to pay me back for, but that’s another blog. Anyway, it’s a good thing there are good people working at Revenue Canada otherwise they would have probably kept the $600 that they owed me. I have no idea where the error was made. I did everyone else’s tax just fine. They all received what I calculated. But oh well, I’m not going to complain with extra money.