Email Fraud

I don’t know if anyone has heard of this lately, but there seems to be a fake email going around. It claiming to verify your personal and banking information. The email has a link to some website, which supposedly looks like your bank’s website, but it’s a fake. Most people are already insecure with internet transaction and those who aren’t insecure about it should know if it’s a fake or not. So I don’t see why people are still falling for this.

I consider myself an average intermediate user of the internet so when I receive email asking for my personal information, I get a little suspicious. Heck, even if I get a phone call about it, I’m still not sure. One time I got a phone call about my Sears credit card. The person on the phone had an accident and was talking rather fast. I assumed he was a little nervous about the call. He asked me for the regular info, name and address and then he proceeds to give me information about my account, as a way to verify that he’s from Sears. I rarely used the card so I tried to tell him no, but it didn’t seem like he was going to hang up anytime soon, so I went with it. He offered me some discount and asked that I hold while he transferred me to the other department.

When the person in the other department picked up, he had no idea who I was. I told him the situation and he was still clueless. He was a mechanic at some shop. I’m thinking, WTF, why did he transfer me to a mechanic. After I hung up, I started to get worried because I just verified all my info to someone and I just talked to someone who has no one why I’m talking to him.

The guy that I talked to first called back, eventually and apologized for the wrong transfer. Turns out, everything was legit, he just transferred me to the wrong number. So all the worry was for nothing. Well, I wouldn’t say for nothing, I was worried for a reason and that reason being, someone out there has my info. Identity theft was a big thing last year. All they need is your name and address and they can pretty much do anything.

To everyone out there… be careful who you give your information out to. We’re living in a world where anyone is willing to do anything to get rich quick. So, just to be on the safe side, be a little paranoid sometimes. It might come in handy.